Welcome to the Pirates of Poole website

The Pirates of Poole was first founded in 1926 by four fishermen of Poole who decided it would be great fun to dress up as pirates and raise money for local causes, that principle has still not changed to this date…

For many years Poole’s Jolly Pirates have stalked the streets and events of the town demanding money with a smile and raising thousands of pounds for local charities in the process. Alas tide and time waits for no man, advancing years and declining numbers forced the crew to sail off into the sunset and the Jolly Pirates were disbanded in 2006.

Enter Cap’n Jim Kellaway and his motley crew of stout-hearted if weak-limbed and feeble-minded sons of Poole. The Pirates of Poole set out with two main ambitions:

1. To recognise and preserve in living memory the important maritime history of the town of Poole.

2. To raise money for local charities and have a merry old time along the way!

Starting in 2005 with the ‘Poole in Flames’ event which marked the 600th anniversary of when the French and Spanish attacked Poole on a September morning in 1405, Harry Paye Day was born in 2006. HPD is the Pirates of Poole main event of the year but there are various other events we do get involved in throughout the year as well, so there is always plenty for the crew to do.

The Pirates of Poole meet every month for our monthly Parlay at various hostelries around the town and this is a social event open to all pirates near and far. We are always on the lookout for new crew members, so If you have a sense of humour and would like to join the pirates. Please feel free to fill out the membership application on this website or simply come along to one of our meetings and introduce yourself to the the crew. We very much look forward to meeting with new pirates and swigging on a couple of tankards with you all.

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