Pirate Plunder For all Pirates across the UK

Volume 1 Number 1 was released for sale in May 2018…

Pirate Plunder is an independent title published twice a year in May and November for the pirate brethren of the British Isles by Young Editorial Services. The magazine aims to support the non-violent plundering of the populace of coastal towns and inland counties for the benefit of worthy charities throughout the British Isles by promoting maritime festivals or other nautical events where charitable pirates are to be found.

The Pirates of Poole are featured in the first issue of Pirate Plunder and people who attended the Harry Paye Day event on June 16th 2018 were able to grab themselves a copy of this first issue, we will have it on sale at future pirate events we attend or you can order a copy by using our contact page, though there will be a £1.50 postage and packing charge for UK customers. International sales are available but we will have to find out the costs and let you know.

For Captain Davy Young, it’s been a worrisome thing that rivals in the American colonies are kept in touch by an excellent journal (Pirates Magazine) published for their community. Fair wind to ‘em I say, but there’s been nought to read for the hard-thieving pirate brethren of these isles. Until now, that is, because Davy launched Pirate Plunder to give our own active pirate crews a chance to tell their tales. After all, are we not well-respected for our success in plundering treasure that should rightly be placed under the protection of us pirates afore being passed on to the worthy charities we support?

Pirate Plunder will also help to make us better pirates (or worse, depending on your point o’ view) by tellin’ us of new weapons, fancy clothing, sturdy seaboots, stylish tricorn hats and all manner of pirate gear. If you be a landlubber that’s bought a copy of this magazine at a pirate festival or similar event, then take my advice and be sure to support your local pirate society by making a generous contribution to their charity!