Ann Sydney Miss World 1964


There are not many if any other pirate groups around the globe that can say they netted a real mermaid but that is something that we in the ‘Pirates of Poole’ can certainly boast about. Ann Sidney, the former Miss World (1964) once modelled for the creator of the Poole Crest that still to this day hangs proudly above the Poole Museum (see pic on left). So Ann truly is the mermaid of Poole, which is just one of so many titles she has been awarded over the years and, it has to be said, she has been a true inspiration to many ever since she was crowned Miss World…

Poole is rather unique in regards to producing Miss World winners, in the history of the pageant there has only ever been five UK Miss Worlds and two of them came from Poole. Ann Sidney (1964) and Sarah Jayne Hutt (1983) and we are lucky to have one of them as the patron of the ‘Pirates of Poole’, Arrrrh 

The glamour of celebrity fame most certainly never made her forget her roots, as a young girl she went to the local Kemp Welch school and was training to be a hairdresser when she first started modelling, though being Miss World has taken her around the world so many times, she has always managed to make her way back to recharge the Pooletonian in her and she has actively been involved in many things going on in Poole. 

Very soon she is about to release her memoirs ‘Ann Sidney – Surviving Miss World’ and I am sure it will make interesting reading for us all. She certainly seems to have lived a full and active life…


ann crest